Workshop on approaching a critically ill patient with an anaphylactic shock

On Friday, January 12, 2024, within the framework of the Transsimed project, we successfully conducted a workshop on approaching a critically ill patient with an anaphylactic shock. The event took place at the CHC Zagreb Center and was intended for primary-level physicians, with a focus on enhancing their skills in managing such urgent cases.

The primary training method employed was simulation training with a standardized patient. This method proved highly effective, enabling us to conduct high-quality debriefings. The uniqueness of this approach was the active involvement of the standardized patient in the debriefing process, providing an additional perspective and allowing participants to receive direct feedback from the patient.

Participation in the workshop exceeded 90% of registered candidates, indicating a high level of interest and engagement from the attendees. All candidates expressed enthusiasm and satisfaction with the workshop’s execution, along with a desire for more similar training sessions. This confirms the need for further education in this field and emphasizes the importance of continued development of skills crucial in handling urgent medical cases.

Continued training and the expansion of such workshops would undoubtedly contribute to improving care for critically ill patients and strengthening the professional competencies of healthcare workers at the primary level. Together with the satisfaction of the participants, this workshop represents a positive step towards elevating the standards of emergency medical care at the primary level.

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