Workshop at the International Conference in Zagreb

On April 2nd, 2023, a workshop was carried out as part of the Transsimed project at the international conference in Zagreb. The workshop, titled “Care of vitally threatened patient (anaphylactic shock) with simulated patient,” was held during the XIVth Congress of the Association of Doctor of Optometric/Community Medicine (DNOOM) and the VIII. Conference of the Association of Optician/Community Medicine of South East Europe (A GP/FM SEE).

The workshop utilized “standard patients,” which are role-playing patients who act out their problems and symptoms. These “standard patients” are trained staff of the SIM centre who undergo intensive preparation before the start of the programme. This type of programme is considered a high-quality and intensive training programme and provides the best approximation to a real clinical situation.

In addition to the workshop, the attendees also had the opportunity to meet with the Transsimed project coordinators from the Republic of North Macedonia (Prim.d-r Ljubin Sukriev and Prof. d-r Katarina Stavrić) and Croatia (Filip Opančar, MD, Family medicine resident, Coordinator of SIM center of city of Zagreb).

Overall, the workshop and conference provided a valuable opportunity for professionals in the field of optometry and community medicine to learn and exchange knowledge with their colleagues from the South East Europe region. The use of simulated patients in training programs is becoming increasingly popular in the medical field, as it allows healthcare professionals to gain practical experience in a safe and controlled environment.

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