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Slovenia / Community Health Centre Ljubljana

Community Health Centre Ljubljana is a public institution, which is open, dynamic and focused on development. We wish to provide all users of our healthcare services a high-quality and timely access to healthcare services. Our mission is to provide treatment to residents in Ljubljana Municipality and wider region in accordance with established doctrine and healthcare ethics. Our vision is to be known for our excellence, high quality, exemplary attitude towards work, development and patient satisfaction in Slovenian healthcare.

Since 2014, the Ljubljana Healthcare Centre’s Simulation Centre has operated within primary healthcare as a learning centre at which both professionals and the lay public are trained through advanced simulations in healthcare using state-of-the-art equipment. The aim of the various training programmes is to improve patient safety, to increase the knowledge and skills of professionals and lay people, and to enhance their competences and performance in dealing with certain life-threatening situations.

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Croatia / University of Zagreb and Health Centre Zagreb

The University of Zagreb (1669) is the oldest and biggest university in South-Eastern Europe, now consists of 31 faculties and three art academies.

The School of Medicine (1917) at University of Zagreb is the oldest and biggest School of Medicine in Croatia and provides the following programs: university integrated study of medicine in Croatian; university integrated study of medicine in English; university graduate study of nursing; postgraduate specialist studies; doctoral studies (Biomedicine and Health Sciences and Neuroscience), and is recognized as provider for continuing professional education in medical professions.

Health Center Zagreb – Center (in future reference: HCZC) is a primary health care institution that provides patients with accessible, continuous, complete, and integrated health care. HCZC’s founder and owner is City of Zagreb, and it was founded in 2002. HCZC is the largest health center in Croatia. HCZC includes these services: family medicine, dental medicine, orthodontics and emergency dental care, gynecology, pediatric care, biomedical laboratory services, occupational medicine, internal medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurology, radiology (includes roentgen, ultrasonography and CAT scan), dermatovenerology, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, psychiatry with psychologists and speech therapists, cytological diagnostics, public health nurses, palliative care and three pharmacies. HCZC has organized special services such as mobile palliative teams, clinic for asylum seekers, pharmacotherapy consultation center, counseling center for development of a healthy child and counseling center for nutrition of the City of Zagreb. In the premises of the HCZC, there is the Simulation Center of the City of Zagreb, where education of employees in emergency care is continuously provided.

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Republic of North Macedonia / Faculty of medicine, University Ss Cyril and Methodius Skopje

The Faculty of Medicine, founded in 1947, is a high level medical, educational, scientific and health care institution within the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, which performs health work through higher education, clinical care, scientific research, and university-level specialist training in the field of medical sciences and related fundamental fields.

At the Faculty of Medicine, since its foundation, for over seven decades more than 16500 medical doctors graduated, more than 750 got masters and more than 600 got PhD degree. Currently Faculty of Medicine, with the staff of 250 professors and 260 assistants, is engaged in teaching almost 3700 students of medicine, professional undergraduate studies for graduated nurses, radiologic technologists, laboratory technicians, midwife, speech therapists and physiotherapists, as well as postgraduate students in basic, clinical medicine and public health and vocational training in 48 disciplines. The Faculty of medicine apart from educational activities, also run different research programmes and activities at 34 Departments, 12 institutes, 24 university clinics, 10 affiliated educational institutions (including Centre for family medicine) and other health care institutions.


Center for family medicine

The Center for Family Medicine was established under the Faculty of Medicine, University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” – Skopje in 2010, as education and research unit of the faculty, with specific scope of work related to family medicine and holding the Family Medicine Chair of the Medical faculty. Тasks and responsibilities of the Center for family medicine include: providing education and training for undergraduate students at 5th and 6th year of medical studies, graduate students at master and doctoral level and theoretical and practical training for residents in family medicine specialization as well as organizing continual medical education for chosen doctors. Center for family medicine is actively involved in reforms of primary health care working together with Ministry of health, Health insurance found and Medical chamber, supported by the WHO. The current staff of the Center is 1 Professor and 1 administrative staff employed at the Faculty of Medicine, as well as 100 educators and 80 mentors involved in practical and theoretical teaching. They are distributed in different towns in Macedonia so the education is organized closed to the place of living and working of GPs. In this moment we have two masters of sciences, 3 PhD and seven PhD fellows engaged in national and international scientific research projects.

Team Republic of North Macedonia

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