Presentation of project in Bergen, Norway

From June 19th to June 22th, 2023, Uroš Zafošnik, the Director of the SIM Centre at Ljubljana Health Centre, and Anja Poženel Belec, the Head of the International IRROZ Office at Ljubljana Health Centre, participated in the Euveca project meeting in Bergen, Norway.

The Euveca project is a component of the ERASMUS+ programme, aimed at supporting the development of forward-looking skills within the health and care sector. During the pre-conference, Zafošnik delivered a presentation on the topic “Mobile simulation training for rural health workers.” Subsequently, a research meeting was convened at the University of Bergen, where Professor Zalika Klemenc Ketiš and Uroš Zafošnik were engaged in the establishment of a research group.

This collaborative team will seek to identify solutions for the implementation of the “Sim mobil” project within the region. The three-day Euveca meeting encompassed the presentation of the Transsimed project’s objectives, along with emphasizing the significance of international networking among diverse simulation centres. The meeting theme centered around simulation in healthcare, thereby fostering active engagement from the Slovenian team.

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