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Center for family Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University Ss Cyril and Methodius Skopje was open 2010 and provides undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing medical education in family medicine. Training of students and doctors in clinical skills using trainers and simulators is an integral part of our education. In this way, education in the Centre gives them the opportunity to face a vitally endangered patient and rare situations in the clinical environment of their practices. In this way, they maintain their expertise and increase their self-confidence.

Our vision is to be recognized for our excellence and high quality of education for the team of health professionals in primary care (doctors and nurses). We want to establish a competency-based sustainable system of education with simulations in primary care that will enhance the safety of patient management.

The “learning through doing” of potentially hazardous procedures in a safe simulated environment is recognized as the future of medical training. Our educational programme will include innovative teaching methods, such as augmented reality, serious Smartphone gaming, standardized patient, and high-fidelity simulations. With developed competency model, we will start a continuous educational program for advanced educators, who will need to refresh and adapt their knowledge continuously.

The aim of the various training programmes that will be developed for primary care teams is to improve patient safety, to increase the knowledge and skills of professionals in primary care, and to enhance their competences and performance in dealing with certain life-threatening situations in their practices using advanced simulations and modern techniques of education.

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