International Conference in Zagreb – Opportunity to meet with partners

XIV. International Congress of the Association of Teachers in General Practice/Family Medicine and VIII. Conference of the Association of General Practice/Family Medicine of South-East Europe was held iz Zagreb, Croatia from 30.3. – 02.4.2023. Because of the international scale of the Congress, it was a great opportunity to informally meet up with our partners on Transsimed project. We showed our Sim center of City of Zagreb hall to our North Macedonian colleges and had short discussion about the project so far and presented each other with challenges that we are facing. The day after, I joined Uroš Zafošnik, Davorin Marković and Nina Kastelic on their workshop which took place on the Congress, titled: Care of vitally threatened patient (anaphylactic shock) with simulated patient. On it, they showed benefits and advantages of simulated education.

Filip Opančar, MD, Family medicine resident, Coordinator of SIM center of city of Zagreb

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