Implementation of trainings with simulations in Skopje

By the end of 2023, the Center for Family Medicine, Medical Faculty in Skopje, for the first time started the training for medical teams from primary healthcare through the simulation method. Until now, about 300 family doctors and nurses working in primary health care in Macedonia, have completed the training for „Approach to a life-threatening patient/ BLS „. This type of training is realized for the first time and is specific and unique not only because of the new educational method with simulation, but also because of education of doctors and nurses as teams. The experience of the participants shared in the evaluation is more than excellent. All participants are surprised by the reality of the situation, and the opportunity to work in a safe environment and learn from the mistakes, gives them a special sense of satisfaction. This training allows them to improve their competence as a team and create an experience without going through the real event.  Also ensures professionals that they have the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to deliver the quality service, all in order to improve the safety of their patients. All this realized by the experienced and well-trained instructors completes the image of the top education and everyone is looking forward to the next trainings.

The Transsimed project and education through the simulation at the primary level has so far been presented at professional and scientific gatherings held at the national level in front of more than 500 family doctors and pharmacists. Our goal is to raise the level of health care for patients through the quality training of all service providers in primary healthcare.

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