For the first time instructors at the SIM Centre Zagreb conducted the module independently and achieved great results with simulations.

The fact that their work was evaluated by experts from various fields adds credibility to their efforts.

Here’s a brief overview of the experts who evaluated their work:

  1. Ruth Kalda: Professor at the Medical Faculty of the University of Tartu. Her expertise in the medical field likely contributed valuable insights to the evaluation, especially if the simulation module was related to healthcare or medical training.
  2. Harris Lygidakis: CEO at WONCA (World Organization of Family Doctors). His position at WONCA suggests a focus on primary care and family medicine, and his evaluation could have provided insights into how the simulation module aligns with the needs of family doctors.
  3. Carla Sa-Couto: Researcher and Affiliated Professor at FMUP (Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto). Her role as a researcher and professor indicates a strong background in medical education and research, which would have been beneficial for evaluating the educational aspects of the module.
  4. Marc Lazarovici: Board Member and Immediate Past President at SESAM (Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine). As a board member of SESAM and a past president, Lazarovici likely possesses extensive knowledge in the field of medical simulation, making his evaluation particularly valuable.

The fact that these experts evaluated the work of the SIM Centre Zagreb’s instructors suggests that their module and its outcomes were subjected to a rigorous and comprehensive assessment, which can be instrumental in improving and validating the effectiveness of simulation-based training programs.

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