Congress of family medicine in Skopje

In the period from 18.05.2023 to 21.05.2023, the fifth Congress of family medicine was held in Skopje entitled Chronic Non Infectious diseases in Post COVID pandemic and 25th Symposium entitled Urgent conditions in family medicine. The congress was attended by 16 European professors and 12 Macedonian professors as well as a large number of family doctors who gave interesting lectures on chronic diseases. As part of symposium with two workshops on Emergency situations, SIM Centre at the Health Center in Ljubljana also particapated. About 41gKFtogHYuTLgtmff2zbx9hk7DWS8VB612gDjf1YFPsfT66jV4UFCBNJSsUKKBpwf9y4CunA1UoucxSkm8NLtmRFxDFATcwith standardized patient the participants received a task to help patient with Anphylaxis. The Sim Centre held two excellent workshops from which the participants came out with competitions on how to handle a patient with anaphylaxis, and with the aim of better practice and better safety in there daily work.

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