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Health Center Zagreb – Center (in future reference: HCZC) is a primary health care institution that provides patients with accessible, continuous, complete, and integrated health care. HCZC’s founder and owner is the City of Zagreb, and it was founded in 2002. HCZC is the largest health center in Croatia. Apart from ordinary services, it has organized special services such as mobile palliative teams, clinic for asylum seekers, pharmacotherapy consultation center, counseling center for development of a healthy child and counseling center for nutrition of the City of Zagreb.

In the premises of the HCZC, Simulation Center of City of Zagreb (SIM Center) was opened in the beginning of 2020, where medical experts and healthcare professionals are being educated through the simulation of various medical conditions. Unfortunately, SIM Center was temporarily closed early on due to the pandemic of Covid-19 but was reopened in 2022 as a partner of the Transsimed project.

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