Advance »Train the trainer”

From 17 April to 22 April 2023, the Transsimed project conducted a training session “Train the trainers” for Advance trainer candidates from Croatia (Ada Barić Grgurević, Diana Špoljar, Monika Debeljak, Lana Brčić Kmetić) and North Macedonia (Sashka Janevska, Elizabeta Kostovska Prilepcanska, Dragan Gjorgjievski, Natalija Saurek Aleksandrovska, Monika Jaric Bojkoska) at the SIM Centre of the Community Health Centre Ljubljana.

The training was a continuation of the webinars we conducted the month before. The training topics were: Fidelity in sim center; Realism and Moulage; Mobile simulation; Simulated patients; Human Factors; Non- technical skills; Team working; Interprofessional simulation; Gamification; In situ simulation; Establishing a Sim center; Creating the infrastructure for a simulation program; Educator training; Continuing medical education; Testing systems.

The training was intensive, with regular tests of knowledge and, of course, in a spirit of cooperation, commitment, sharing of experience and a lot of goodwill.

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